NFT MarketPlace

Our Whitelabel NFT Marketplace allows you to build your own NFT storefront, so you can connect your customers directly to your crypto assets. Our platform makes buying NFTs easy for both crypto noobs and experts as users are not required to create a wallet or link an external wallet like MetaMask, as they have the option to purchase with debit/credit card.

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CTO as a Service

As technology permeates every aspect of life, businesses always need to keep up with the latest tech. Our CTO as a Service program allows SMEs to leverage the value of an enterprise experienced CTO to guide and manage their digital transformations. We can provide a CTO for as long or short of an engagement as needed. Reach out to us today to learn more!

50/50 Charity Raffle

A 50/50 raffle is a system where the winner traditionally receives 50% of the money raised from ticket sales while the remaining 50% goes towards a charitable cause, minus any fees associated with running the raffle. Our digital 50/50 raffle solution is special in that it leverages the power of blockchain, which allows an organization to run a digital raffle globally with the peace of mind that it is safe from fraud and manipulation.

Blockchain Technology

We leverage our partner network to gain access to over 800 engineers around the globe. If you are looking to build a custom blockchain project, Future Tech can help connect you to the right team, and guide you through the SDLC process (Software development life cycle).