Inquire into your Multimedia Contents

Searchyf is an AI-powered analytics solution for multimedia content. It allows you to pinpoint multimedia contents that match specific conditions, enabling you to search within their multimedia resources.

Find the right multimedia contents in no time!

It is a tedious and time consuming process to find the right multimedia files which contain the content you are looking for. One would need to open every file until they find the right one.

Searchyf allows you to fetch information from multimedia contents in real time. It transforms videos and other multimedia contents into a searchable database using powerful AI technology. Searchyf can assist you in various multimedia analytics tasks using its advanced computer vision capabilities.

Key Features

Object/Entity identification

Localize desired objects/entities based on descriptive features like color, type etc


Scene Identification

Classify frames based on it’s foreground and background features.


Facial recognition

Recognize people based on facial features, clustering similar faces etc


Pattern matching

Find objects or entities by color, shape, similarity, occurences of specific patterns etc.


Facetime detection

Analysing duration of face time of celebrities or politicians in media


Person or object counting

Calculate number of people or objects in a frame at a given interval of time.


Proprietary Deep Learning based Entity Recognition Technology

Searchyf is built using proprietary entity recognition Deep Learning algorithms developed by our partners. Using Ensemble learning, multiple deep learning models are strategically generated and combined to index over 200 properties from a multimedia content, to generate data points to support any user queries related to the content. Let’s talk if you’d like to learn more about the technology used by Searchyf.

Use cases, Applications

Multimedia Queries

Searchyf can help media agencies for multimedia analytics like face-time calculation, content filtering, content auto-tagging, etc

Video Analytics

Searchyf can enable CCTV vendors to provide advanced analytics to their customers to easily find specific content within recorded footage.


Quick Search

Law enforcement and investigation agencies can use Searchyf to speed up the investigation process that involves multimedia contents.


Event identification

Quick identification of specific events, occurrences of the match points, accidents, specific person appearances, commercials, etc.


Video Tagging

Searchyf can help stock video companies to effectively tag the video footage based on the actual contents appearing in the footage.


Let's talk!

Let us know about your custom multimedia analytics requirements and we can fine tune Searchyf to match your specific needs.