Rebuild The Chain

Rebuild the Chain

We are on a mission to save humanity and revive the economy from the catastrophic effects of the pandemic with carrier tracking and non-pharmaceutical interventions.

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How can we flatten the curve?

Flattening the curve is of top priority for almost every country today. Unless they are able to flatten the curve, peoples’ lives, as well as the economy, are in severe danger.

In the absence of a direct cure for COVID-19, the only way to flatten the curve is by enforcing social distancing and foreseeing the chances of a citizen getting infected. Social distancing, however, comes at the cost of the economy’s slow down.

To effectively flatten the curve, every single person should put effort to counter the spread of the virus. For that, Governments need to analyze the potential COVID-19 exposure of each citizen and issue health cards based on that.

RebuildTheChain is a pandemic management system that can enable governments to effectively curb the pandemic with large scale and automated contact tracing, exposure analysis, spread probability analysis, self-diagnosis, and case management. It also facilitates a digital health card-based access system that can help governments to revive the struggling economy.

Getting the Economy Up & Running

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Digital health cards

The system assigns health cards to a user based on their recent activities, such as the places they have visited and the people they have interacted with, etc. The health card indicates the threat level of a user in five different color codes;

CoVid19 Infected Person (red)
Secondary Contact (yellow)
Primary Contact (orange)
Not Infected Yet (green)
Recovered Patient (grey)

The Benefits

How it Works



  • Based on questionnaire & processes backed by the scientific community.
  • Based on the threat score, the information would be shared with the health authorities immediately.
  • Continuously alerted to take the test to make sure that the person is not affected.



  • Track infected people, their primary & secondary contacts with 10m accuracy.
  • Real-time alerts to people around, health authorities & police in case the subject move out of isolation area.


Social Distancing

  • Well defined hot zones (highly infected regions).
  • Virtual 50 meter geofence for every person to keep away from affected zones/people.
  • Alerts to health, Police departments based on citizen activities in the red zones.


Exposure analysis

  • Backtracking infected people/primary contacts to find potential secondary contacts.
  • Secondary contact reach out & isolation
  • Mobile triangulation data analysis


Card-based permission

  • Every user would be allocated a card based on their health situation.
  • Access to any public/private infrastructure is granted only after scanning their cards
  • This would make sure that the economy can partially function without a spread.

Data Privacy

The platform is built with cutting-edge security measures to ensure the user data and privacy are highly protected.


GDPR complaint

The platform is fully compliant with GDPR to protect the personal data and privacy of the users.

Data Encryption

All data collected in the platform is encrypted and stored. Only the user with access to a decryption key can read it.

On-premise deployment

As an additional layer of security, the platform is deployed on-premises of the owner and protected by its internal firewall.

Blockchain protected health records

The privacy and integrity of user data is also protected from unauthorized internal access by saving the health records in a blockchain network.