End to end AI-enabled analytics and Insights from your cameras

Emotyx enables you to harness intelligent and actionable insights from your CCTV footages in real-time to better understand your customers

Why Emotyx ?

Emotyx is an AI-powered real-time video analytics software that enables businesses to harness intelligent insights from CCTV videos. It enables you to automate security surveillance, customer & crowd analytics, people & vehicle counting, facilities tracking, heatmap analytics, and much more.


Deep Neural Networks

Deep Neural Network or DNN is designed to mimic how people think and learn, and perform the same 100X faster. Emotyx’s DNN processes video feeds to efficiently and accurately identify objects, patterns, events, anomalies, etc

AI-powered business intelligence

Emotyx does more than just object detection, people counting etc. It generates intelligent insigts from these data that can help you streamline your business workflows. It enables your business to SEE the UNSEEN opportunities.

Best-in-class Efficiency

Our proprietary CPU based video processing architecture is cheaper compared to GPU based video analytics software and provides the best accuracy in real-time video analytics.

Scale as your business grows

From single camera to tens of hundreds of cameras, single camera surveillance to combined-camera surveillance, Emotyx can be easily scaled to meet your business’s video analytics requirements.

On-premise deployment

Emotyx can be installed in your own secure on-premise datacenter. Emotyx does not use any third party APIs, enabling you to deploy it in completely secured internal server which is not connected to the public internet. It is architected to work well irrespective of the hardware used by your business and it does not require any expensive GPU systems. This way, your capex investment would be as minimal as possible. Emotyx is built to be horizontally scalable, which means emotyx would work with resources as less as possible when the system is not processing a lot of information, this is a patent pending technology from our Partners called Xtreme power saver.

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Hybrid deployment

Want to perform the computation locally at the edge and have data analytics performed on the cloud? Emotyx makes it easy to do a hybrid deployment. You can do computation at the edge and shall push the key data points to a cloud based dashboard so that all your stakeholders can analyse your data from anywhere or from any device. System is also capable of Supporting heterogeneous execution across computer vision accelerators—CPU, GPU, Intel® MovidiusTM Neural Compute Stick, and FPGA

Cloud Deployment

Emotyx is built as cloud first and can be hosted completely on your private or public cloud service as well. Emotyx software on the edge would automatically optimise the camera feeds without losing any details so that you would not end up emptying your pocket to maintain the infrastructure. Also, emotyx does not save any of the data, it generates analytics and gets rid of the video feed so that its not using up a lot of your storage as well. We built emotyx to be compatible with all the major cloud players in the market and system uses all the cloud APIs to optimise the expense and the performance.

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