We help you secure your brand's reputation

Accucerts is a blockchain based certification platform offering digital traceability of the certification process for reliable and authentic certifications. It enables academic as well as corporate organizations to boost their credibility by issuing certificates that cannot be forged. Certifications powered by Accucerts are registered on a blockchain, cryptographically signed, tamper-proof, and shareable.

What Accucerts Offer For Your Business

Custom Certificates

The user intuitive dashboard of Accucerts platform facilitates institutions to seamlessly create and issue different types of certificates.

Direct Payments

The certificate verification, certificate auditing fee paid by the recruiters and employers is directly sent to the wallet/account of institution.

Zero Maintenance

Accucerts stores the certification details in the immutable public blockchain network, which offers zero maintenance.

Widgets and Addons

Accucerts website widgets and addons can be added in the instituion’s website so that recruiters and students can verify certification details.