Searchyf is an AI-powered analytics solution for multimedia contents. It allows you to pinpoint multimedia contents that matches specific conditions, enabling you to search within their multimedia resources.

RebuildTheChain is a pandemic management system that can enable governments to effectively curb the pandemic with large scale and automated contact tracing, exposure analysis, spread probability analysis, self-diagnosis, and case management.

With Bud you can speak to your data. Without a single click analyse your data and build the AI models. You can speak to Bud in natural language and he will always get back to you with the right insights & data.


Accucerts is a blockchain based certification platform offering digital traceability of the certification process for reliable and authentic certifications. It enables academic as well as corporate organizations to boost their credibility by issuing certificates that cannot be forged.

CoinFactory is a fully compliant security and utility token issuance platform with a post-token issuance community and company management.

Emotyx enables you to harness intelligent and actionable insights from your CCTV footages in real-time to better understand your customers