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Our Professional Team

We have highly dedicated team of experts who are highly experienced in their fields. 

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Daniel Sloan

Blockchain & AI Practice Manager

In 1995, Daniel Sloan began his career in IT, and is most passionate about mentoring technology company founders and executive teams. A recognized leader in the blockchain and cryptocurrency, Daniel is one of a select few entrepreneurs who was invited to speak about blockchain at NASDAQ in early 2018 as the Co-Founder of BlockchainSaw. Daniel has worked closely with over 100 startups and co-founded Future Tech to invest in and help to build blockchain-centric technology solutions for dozens of companies over the years.

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Justin Taubmann

VP of Strategic Business Development

Justin began his career at the US Department of Homeland Security, where he was introduced to cryptography around the hashing of the mobile boarding pass. Justin negotiated the security around the QR code on every boarding used in flight today. He has an MBA from the University of Maryland and demonstrated business acumen in management consulting. Justin has worked in the blockchain space for over three years and brings much of his network in business, technology, and finance with him to the team.

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Matthew Stroul

Implementations Consultant

Mateo’s purpose in life is to help other people solve business & technical problems to the benefit of their team, company and customers. His approach blends business analysis, project management, and technical service delivery lensed through organizational change and IT service delivery management frameworks mastered over his 35-year career.
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Dermot Doherty

Solutions Architecture

Dermot Doherty is a  Full-stack Software Engineer and Solutions Architect with 20+ years of experience. He has Been involved in many software projects on the management side as CTO and Scrum Master, and on the technology side as Software Engineer and Solutions Architect. Dermot’s “go to” languages are Java and JavaScript and the technologies that most interest him are Networked Services, Distributed Computing and Decentralized (Autonomous) Systems


Arhan Kundu

Project Coordinator

Arhan helps our clients connect to the project team in a robust and meaningful way by facilitating the needs of the business within each project epic, story and task with clarity and agility. With a BS in Biomedical Engineering and a Masters in Chemical Engineering, Arhan is equipped with the scientific, fact-based approach every technical project desperately needs and often lacks. His experience living in different regions of the world makes him highly adaptable to to all teams and cultures.