Regulatory Intelligence Solution


Cipla is a global pharmaceutical company with a vision to deliver affordable healthcare globally. With this purpose in their hearts, their presence extends to  80+ countries providing over 1,500 products across various therapeutic categories in 50+ dosage forms. Their guiding principle, “Caring for Life” is always at the forefront of their work. They aim to build stronger roots in markets like India, South Africa, the U.S., and other economies of the emerging world.


The pharmaceutical industry is a strong pillar for our world. To be true to their core value “Caring for Life”, Cipla requires updated knowledge about the field and matters concerning it. Being up to date with research developments, regulatory changes, medical needs, and technological advancements are important to maintain the steady growth of the company. Moreover, regulations and rules are modified constantly depending on different regions. So it is paramount to stay on top of the relevant changes. The task of collecting data is managed by a group of research scientists dedicated to this.

We had great challenges in dealing with the manual process of collating the data/information available in different sources,” says Pavan Kumar, the senior manager at Cipla.

The insights collected by research scientists present invaluable information about the market and the future actions that can be planned based on it. But these insights may contain human errors unless the data is easily accessible, organized, indexed, and structured. An automated methodical literature search can be of help here. After all, the efficiency of the search depends on the speed, accuracy, and regularity of the search. An automated data gathering and management software would be an optimal solution for the same. Cipla posted a problem hoping to find an automation solution that would ease their jobs. We here at Accubits build SHODH to help them meet their expectations of an efficient and easy workspace.


To aid Cipla in its goal towards an efficient workforce, Accubits has built the automation software SHODH. SHODH automates the literature analysis process that provides detailed research data. Since it uses RPA to achieve this, SHODH can analyze a multitude of research documents available online and identify crucial insights about it. Insights like:

  • Technological advancements
  • Medical needs
  • Research developments
  • Regulatory change

And it can notify the scientific community about the same for further action. SHODH presents an elegant and efficient solution for data gathering and managing. The software built for Cipla made it easy for them to accommodate into their existing system.

Compared to the manual process SHODH offers 100% accuracy on data collections and classification. Aided by the timely updates on the data the decision-making process becomes 50% faster. The Cipla scientists are freed from monotonous and tedious tasks so they can focus on the creative implementation of ideas. Digitalization increases productivity which translates to increased profit percentage in the future.

Kumar reviews the work “They designed and developed an AI application web application. They conducted the User requirements session and the best part was that they were able to swiftly understand the requirements end to end without having us reiterate these again. They came up with the PoC in 2 weeks which was very much satisfying to us and converted it into Project within the next 3 weeks along with the necessary integrations, testing, and deployment”