Case Studies

Blockchain Ecosystem

AtromG8 is a blockchain network that powers a large ecosystem of products and platforms such as IDSP (International Digital Student Pass), Sendvalu (Swiss Money Transfer), Chainsat (Secure transactional network for enterprises), etc.

Blockchain E-Grid

Our client put forward the business requirements to build a fully automated digital trading platform where consumers can trade the excess renewable energy generated while completely bypassing the involvement of third-party agencies.

Automated Facility Management

For our customer, we developed an AI-powered automated facilities management solution using the Emotyx suite. Emotyx is an AI-powered video analytics suite that delivers actionable insights from a real-world video.

Vehicle Counting System

we developed a system that uses computer vision technology to detect and track all of the vehicles that enter and leave the business facility.

Regulatory Intelligence Solution

To aid Cipla in its goal towards an efficient workforce, Accubits has built the automation software SHODH. SHODH automates the literature analysis process that provides detailed research data.